Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social Technology

Three of the articles I read this week about technology were interesting. I found that two of the three articles were completely supportive of the use of Internet communication site. They each give tools that allow users to express themselves and interact with others in different ways. Students use technologies, such as Facebook and Flicker, to communicate with groups/classmates and instructors. A group, such as online schools, offers opportunities for social feedback and supports social networks.

The sites, such as Facebook, are all built around the idea of connecting people and making it possible to interact. The Internet provides a variety of options of communication sites as mentioned in the article, “Social Networking.”

The third article, “Examining Social Software in Teacher Education,” mentioned a main drawback to communicating online is that some sites are not safe, such as, “My Space,” where individual websites are available to anyone, however, Facebook requires invitations by the web owner.


  1. Yes! There are definitely pros and cons to social network sites. Teachers need to proceed with caution when using these sites as learning and/or communication tools.

  2. I think you make a great point that as education becomes more on-line, social networks become a way for the class to interact. Facebook does seem to be a safer site because of thier rules.

  3. I actually prefer facebook over myspace because of the privacy factor and their rules. I personally don't want my students navigating around my personal pages, you never know what people might write.